Physical Periods

Physical Periods

Physical Periods

1. In addition to fixing periods for a set time a woman can have a period
associated with a physical sign. An example of this is a woman who
consistently has a yawning spell before menstruating. Other examples of
physical indicators are abdominal pains or having the chills. If she had
her period three consecutive times after any of these, she has fixed a
period for these physical indicators. At the onset of any of these events
she must separate from her husband in expectation of her period.

2. It is also possible that a woman can have a physical period which
occurs on a specific day, ie. with a yawning spell every thirty-first day
she has her period. With such a period if it were the thirty-first day
and she did not yawn or she had a yawning spell on any other day she need
not expect menstruation and separate from her husband. The abstention
from sexual intercourse in anticipation of menstruation associated with
this type of period is for the same duration as a period which is only
time-dependant (one daytime or evening period).

3. In fixing periods associated with physical occurrences on specific
days attention must be paid that she is not fixing a period for days only
or only for the physical occurrence.

4. Just like any other non-fixed period a woman must separate from her
husband after any physical period is suspected to have occurred, even if
it happened only once, ie. a woman had a yawning spell on Rosh Hodesh,
next time she has a yawning spell at any time she must separate. If she
did not then menstruate she must separate on Rosh Hodesh in anticipation
of fixing a period for then. This also applies for a second occurrence.
After they have occurred three times they are fixed.

5. A woman who has a fixed period for physical occurrences must separate
from her husband at the onset of the occurrence until the end of that
time period: a time period being a day or night.

6. A woman who had no fixed period but had a yawning spell with her last
period, if she has another yawning spell she is forbidden to have
relations with her husband until she checks herself to see if she is
bleeding, if she was not bleeding she need not separate again at the
onset of a yawning spell.

7. Just as a period associated with time is uprooted by not having it
three times, a physical period is uprooted by not having it three times:
that is if she had the physical occurrence but did not have her period.